Jewish Community of Dnepropetrovsk


Golden Rose Central Synagogue


Chief Rabbi: Kaminezki

Deputy head of religious community:  Mr. Fridkis Alexandr

Address: 4 Sholom Aleichem Street, Dnepropetrovsk 49000
Phone: +380 562 34 21 20
Fax: +380 562 342137
Email: office@djc.com.ua
Website: https://www.djc.com.ua

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  • Name: Rabbi Shmuel & Mrs. Chana Kaminezki

Press Center and Alef TV Program

Director- Rostovtzev Oleg

“Beit Chana” Girls Teachers College

Director- Sapozhnikov Stanislav

“Nachlas Levi” Yeshiva Gdola

Rosh Yeshiva -Baram Elisha

“Chaya- Mushka” Machon

Director- Barak Yalta

Yeshiva- ktana

Director- Chupin Ruven

Levi Itshak Shneerson - "Or Avner" Jewish Day School

Director  – Gugel Mihael

President- R. Ostrovsky Meer

“Beit Tzindlikht” Children’s Educational Center

Manager- Kozarinskaya Natalia.

“Ilana” day nursery and kindergarten

Manager- Shurpinova Alla.

“Beit Baruch” Assisted Living Facility

Director – Ruvinskaya Mila.

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