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Jewish Community of Almaty 

Address:Klochlova 28, Almaty 050008 Kazakhstan
Phone:(7) 727-2775977
Fax:(7) 727-2775941
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  • Director / Contact Person
  • Additional Institutes in the City
Name:Rabbi Shevach Zlatopolsky & Mrs. Sara (Natalya) Shevchenko-Zlatopolsky

Or Avner – JCC
Mrs. Alyza Michaylova


Central Synagogue


Ohel Levi Yizkhok – Jewish School & Educational Center
Mrs. Tamar Golsndsky


Sason ve-Simcha
Youth Program
Mr. Eliko Chikovani


Gan Yisroel – Camp
Mrs. Alyza Michaylova


Ba’er Heitev – Evening Kolel
Rabbi Shevach Zlatopolsky


Zippor Dror
Institute for the Development of Soul


7 for 70 
Bnei Noach Circle
Mrs. Andrew Sofin


Or Avner – Soup Kitchen
Mrs. Tamar Golandsky