Jewish Community of Petersburg

The Grand Choral Synagogue of St.Petersburg

Chief Rabbi: Menachem-Mendel Pewzner

Head of the Community: Mark Grubarg

Address: 2, Lermontovsky av. St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: + 7 (812) 713-8186
Fax: + 7 (812) 713-8186

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  • Name: Rabbi Menachem-Mendel & Mrs. Sarah Pewzner

“Beit Menachem” – synagogue

Director: Rabbi Benzion Lipsker

Jewish Center “V Primorskom” - synagogue

Director:  rabbi Dani Ash

Synagogue “Na Moskovskom”- synagogue

Director: rabbi Elazar Goldberg

Synagogue "Na Vasilievskom" - synagogue

Director: rabbi Chaim Tolochinsky

"Gan Chaya-Mushka" – kindergarten

Mrs. Tatiana Leontieva

"Gan Menachem" – Kindergarten

Director: Tamara Efimova

“Golden Café” – café

Mrs. Golda Tolochinsky

Restaurant “7:40” – restaurant

Restaurant “Lechaim”- restaurant

Shop «Kosher» – shop

The Mikvah

Boarding School for girls – school

Mrs. Lea Tolochinsky

Boarding School for Boys – school

Director: Yehuda Bratukov

Community Center «Maor» - JCC

Director: rabbi Benzion Lipsker

Jewish Secondary School 224 – school

Director: Mark Grubarg

Jewish Secondary School “Menachem” - school

Directo: Valeriy Stolov

Community Center of the Grand Choral Synagogue – JCC

Directory: Rabbi Shaul Brook

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