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Jewish community of Berdichev

JCC Chabad Lubavitch & Synagogue
Kolel Tiferes Levi Yitzchak - 
Torah classes for seniors
Chevra Kadisha
Hachnosas Orchim 

Address:Chernovola 3
Phone:+38-04143 – 43070, +38-063-7702770
Fax:+38 – 04143 - 21289
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  • Director / Contact Person
  • Additional Institutes in the City
Name:Rabbi Moshe & Mrs. Chana Thaler

Or Avner Kindergarten & Sunday School

Mrs. Chana Thaler

Address: Chornovola 5
Phone: +38-063-7703770

Mey Levi Itzchak – Mikvah

Mrs. Chana Thaler

Address: Chornovola 3
Phone: +38-063-7703770