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“Or-Avner Perlyna”

Jewish School 

Director: Helena Gulevets

Address:20 Ushinskogo Street, Kyiv
Phone:38 044-242-84-87 (86)
Fax:38 044-242-84-87 (86)
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  • Additional Institutes in the City
Name:Rabbi Jonathan Benyamin & Mrs Elka Ina Markovitch

“Child with a future”

kindergarten for autistic children

Director: Natalia Struchek

Address: 41/15, Heroes of Sevastopol, Kiev
Phone: +38 050-352-90-97

Cheider “Ohr-Avner”

Director: Rabbi Aaharon Kazenauer

Address: 20 Ushinskogo Street , Kyiv
Phone: 38 044-242-84-87

“Or-Avner Perlyna” Kindergarten & Pre School

Director:  Natalia Slezina

Address: 20 Ushinskogo Street, Kyiv
Phone: 38 044-242-84-86
Fax: 38 044-242-84-86