Chanukah 2014: Hundreds of thousands celebrated; Millions followed on Facebook

The festive celebrations of Chanukah throughout the Former Soviet Union have become known worldwide for their uniqueness and beauty.  While hundreds of thousands of Jews across the land celebrated in over 500 communities, millions from across the world followed on Facebook.

Amounting to thousands of events, attended by FSU Jews of all lifestyles and ages, Chanukah once again signified the victory of light over darkness and the revival of Russian Jewry.

Events included public menorah lightings in the center of former communist cities; communal events, parties and special concerts attended by thousands; special learning sessions, lectures and classes; Chanukah parties in the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ educational institutes, kindergartens and schools; lively and vibrant festival parties for students, youngsters and teenagers; and many more events for women, senior citizens, security forces, VIP’s and different clubs and groups.

Selected pictures were posted on the FJC’s Facebook page and received thousands of likes, comments and shares – reaching millions of fans, followers and surfers from across the globe.  

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