Cutting-Edge Surgical Department to Open at ‘JMC’ Medical Center with State-of-the-Art Equipment

In a significant leap towards advancing the medical care provided to the Jewish and general populations of Dnipro, Ukraine, the surgical department at the Jewish Medical Center (JMC) is preparing to launch its operations within the premises of the world’s largest Jewish center ‘Menorah’ with the support of the Jewish Community of Dnipro headed by Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetski.

“Numerous positive changes,” says Professor Alexander Rodinsky, Chairman of the Board and CEO of JMC, “have taken place as we move closer to the opening. After August 24th, we plan to commence a test phase, and a grand opening is planned closer to the holidays of Tishri in September.”

Among the state-of-the-art improvements is an elevator designed for stretchers and individuals with limited mobility. The highlight is the operating room – the heart of the future department – that will be equipped with a “Leica” surgical microscope specifically designed for vascular, neuro, and ophthalmic surgeons, complemented by a cutting-edge surgical diode laser.

Additionally, an intraoperative X-ray system referred to as a “C-arc” has been installed to aid surgeons in visualizing intricate details during procedures. The anesthesia and ventilation station, known as “Mindray WATO EX-65 Pro,” stands out for its adaptability to breathing patterns, allowing for customized anesthesia with gas mixtures.

Of particular pride is the “KARL STORZ” laparoscopic system, enabling complex endoscopic and intracavity surgeries. The department’s commitment to innovation is apparent even in the radiation protection measures that include lining the walls and doors with barium plates. The meticulous sterilization and washing areas are equipped with contactless tools for medical professionals. The sterilization and packaging equipment guarantee surgeons access to sterile instruments.

The entire facility has undergone comprehensive repairs, ensuring a high level of energy efficiency and independence. An observation room and a dressing room equipped with life-support systems for the surgical block have been readied. Furthermore, the introduction of a robust oxygen concentrator ensures a seamless supply of oxygen to all patients, alongside carbon dioxide provision for laparoscopic procedures. The attention to detail extends to staff comfort, including restrooms and dining facilities.

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