Darkeinu Mentors Visit Russian Schools

Last week, Darkeinu mentors from Israel visited four FJC ‘Or Avner’ Jewish schools in Russian cities of Omsk, Moscow, Ufa and Yekaterinburg to see how the studies progress in the new academic year. They sat in on lessons in different classes and also met with the school’s pedagogical staff and discussed on-going initiatives.

“We were impressed by the level of education we found, from kindergarten and 1st grade to 9th and 10th grades. We are also very proud of the teachers, who really try to implement all the tools Darkeinu provides to illuminate Jewish heritage subjects as the treasures they are,” said Dr. Iona Shneider, one of the Darkeinu mentors.

FJC’s Darkeinu Jewish educational curriculum is implemented in over 60 regions of the former Soviet Union. Earlier this year, mentors also visited schools in Volgograd and additional places and will continue to visit schools in all of the regions throughout the year. #Darkeinu #JewishHeritage #Education



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