Darkeinu’s Mega-Shavuot Contest brings the Holiday to Life for Children across the FSU

When Moses brought the Jews to receive the Torah at Sinai, he never knew that his descendants would be learning about and celebrating this day with selfies and hashtags. But #megashavuot5779 is happening and kids from the most remote corners of the former Soviet Union are taking selfies and connecting with other children through Darkeinu’s Mega Shavuot contest.

Darkeinu, FJC’s Jewish educational segment, launches exciting and educational contests in honor of every major Jewish holiday.

“It is a way to reach and teach children from all over. To connect them with other Jewish children and make them feel like they are a part of something bigger,” said Ms. Sara Vernick, Darkeinu’s informal educational director. “Many of these children live in remote places and have little connection with other Jewish children, through our Mega contests, they meet, compete and make friends with other children virtually.”

The contest teaches and quizzes children on the history, laws and traditions that surround the holiday of Shavuot. The children visit the website where they get daily tasks to complete with the opportunity to win prizes. The prizes include a waterproof camera, a ‘Darkeinu’ backpack, a Jewish storybook, a waffle maker and more. Every child who participates in Mega Shavuot gets to have a letter dedicated to them in a brand new Torah scroll.

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