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Community Centers

Eisenstein, Pasternak, Mikhoels, Rostrapovich…

The list of Soviet Jews who have made lasting contributions to world culture is too long to mention. And yet, the artistic and intellectual heritage that produced them has been lost and must now be rebuilt from its foundations.

The FJC vigorously promotes the rebirth of Jewish culture by sponsoring programs and institutions in 15 countries – a creative incubator for the first post-Soviet generation of Jewish artists, performers, composers and writers.

This cultural archipelago includes libraries, computer centers, museums, chess tournaments, athletics, art exhibitions, poetry readings, concerts, theatrical productions, dance groups, adult education and hobby clubs. Most activities take place at Federation-sponsored Jewish Community Centers.

A successful JCC is a second home, where Jews of all affiliations and ages join in a myriad of activities in a nurturing communal setting. They host women’s clubs, sports clubs, book clubs, chess clubs, singles clubs, family clubs, business clubs and Yiddish clubs. They offer Hebrew classes and discussion groups on Jewish topics, such as Talmud, Kabbalah, medical ethics and family law. They serve as an information center, and will arrange holiday events and life cycle ceremonies. In many communities, they are the sole supplier of Judaica.

The Federation currently supports more than 100 community centers across the formerSoviet Union. Our goal is to open a JCC center in every city and town with a substantial Jewish population – each with its own fitness center, multi-function halls and classrooms, theater, library, soup kitchen and even medical facilities.