Darkeinu – Jewish Heritage Learning Curriculum

‘Darkeinu’ is the FJC’s Jewish heritage educational program. Created by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals from Israel and the FSU, this comprehensive Jewish studies curriculum offers Jewish students the opportunity to study their Jewish heritage in a language adapted to their modern cultural sensibilities with an emphasis on contemporary relevance.

The curriculum has been specialized for use in Jewish kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools across the FSU, and is successful in imparting a high-level of Jewish knowledge to many thousands of students. It is also available to individuals seeking to enrich their Jewish knowledge. Once a year, thousands of students studying the curricula in ‘Or Avner’ as well as in the Shema Yisrael network, compete in the ‘Olympics’ international competition, a much-anticipated highlight of the program. In addition, Darkeinu runs the MEGA FJC seasonal online contests attended by thousands of Jewish children not yet part of the FSU community.

Visit Darkeinu online => http://www.darkeinu.org/