High school


A measure of an organization’s effectiveness is its longevity. By the time the first class of FJC day school children was ready to graduate to high-school, preparations were in place to offer these youngsters a seamless transfer into the next stage of their scholastic endeavors.

Funded by the Or Avner Foundation, the focus of these co-educational schools is on preparing students to succeed in their academic careers at public universities, and for graduates to become the future leaders of their Jewish communities.

The Federation also supports a special Boys High School in Moscow, where 200 students from 40 cities pursue higher study in Jewish education. The ‘Mesivta’ Jewish Boys’ College is a free, full boarding school that teaches the regular high-school curriculum alongside intensive English classes, computer sciences and Jewish traditions.

Both scholastic streams have won numerous awards for academic excellence, while providing their wards with a positive sense of Jewish identity.