Teacher training

Higher Education

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” (Gilbert K. Chesterton)

In order to cope with a rapidly growing network of Jewish education facilities, the Federation of Jewish Communities established the Beit Chana teacher’s college in 1995. The institute  provides teaching certificates and masters degrees to dozens of girls each year, and organizes regional seminars for Jewish-studies teachers throughout the FSU.

The institute also organizes training courses for working teachers, enabling them to advance their methodological and practical skills, improve teacher-children relations and communication, become acquainted with innovative Jewish educational resources, and put new teaching methods into practice.

The full-time training curriculum is endorsed by both the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, and the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture.  It offers several study trends covering the entire spectrum of scholastics from kindergarten to high school. These include pre-school, and pre-school music, special education and remedial instruction, primary and even specific high school topics, such as mathematics and physics.

To be accepted to the 3 & 4-year programmes, girls must have at least 9 to 11 years of pre-academic education. Once accepted, they reside at Beit Chana at no cost, their basic living expenses fully covered.