Yeshivot & girls seminars

Higher Education

“Let a father wed his daughter to a scholar, even if he spend all his money on her dowry!” (Tanna R. Deve Eliyahu)

More and more Jewish university students are interrupting their studies in order to attent Yeshiva and obtain comprehensive and deep knowledge of Torah studies . At the Federation’s fifteen campuses, more than 700 students study tuition-free, staying at the institutes’ dormatories and receiving kosher meals, thanks to generous support of the Ohr Avner foundation and other international donors.

From Moscow to Siberia, from Ukraine to Uzbekistan, Yeshiva institutes throughout the Former Soviet Union are preparing students to take up posts as rabbis, teachers and scholars. Those who interrupted their college degrees will often return to their secular studies, then graduate as proffessionals to the local job market – sharing their newly-gained knowledge of Jewish religion and culture with their communities, families and children.

Parallel seminar institutes offering a six-year course for girls, also include intensive Jewish studies, Hebrew and more. The Girsl receive free tuition and attend communal service at schools, Shabbat programs and summer camps.