Sunday & afternoon schools

Informal education

“The more schooling, the more wisdom.” (Avot 2:7)

A growing network of more than a hundred Sunday schools throughout the Former Soviet Union is providing Jewish education to thousands of children who attend regular day schools. Administered by the Federation’s Sunday school department, their shared curriculum covers the entire scholastic year. Teachers attend training workshops, and Russian language material is constantly updated to address local and national needs.

Weekend classes run from 10:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m., and additional programs have been developed for mid-week afternoon classes that follow the same program and curriculum. Children from both affiliated and unaffiliated families are introduced to Jewish traditions, songs and holidays. They learn Hebrew and about Judaism in an experiential manner. They can also attend extra-curricular activities in music, art and dance – taught by local professionals.

During vacations, the department also organizes winter and summer day camps, and promotes enrollment to its Sunday schools and camps through advertising.