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A Soul-Searching Journey for Every Jew

Towards a Meaningful Life is one out of the many fascinating study courses being launched throughout the Former Soviet Union in cooperation with the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI). Enjoying huge success around the world, the JLI programs have been adapted and translated into Russian, thanks to the generous support of Mr. Michael Miralashvili, and are currently available in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and Georgia.

 With over 220,000 students worldwide, the Jewish Learning Institute, which was founded in 1998, aims to foster Jewish learning by highlighting its pertinence upon everyday life – offering new life skills based on traditional Torah thought. It focuses upon the impact of Jewish values on personal and interpersonal growth and, through its innovative presentation of traditional Judaism, is designed to be both intellectually rigorous and highly accessible, even to those with no prior knowledge of Jewish studies.

  Lecture series describe the Jewish perspectives on the spectrum of life, personal growth, relationships, home, work, special challenges, and the role of G-d and faith in daily existence. Exercise toolboxes and guidelines help students make full use of the ideas and strategies discussed; and courses are designed to appeal to people at all levels of Jewish knowledge – those who are affiliated with a particular synagogue and those who are not.

 Previous courses include topics, such as: Reflections on Jewish Faith; the Gift of Shabbat; New Light on Self and Relationships; the Jewish Life Cycle; through Life, Death and Beyond; Jewish Survival; the Holocaust Today; Jewish History – Past and Future; Israel – the Land and Spirit; Myths and Mysteries of Judaism; Talmudic Ethics; Jewish Law; Ideas that Judaism Introduced to the World; Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World; Medicine and Morals; Business Ethics; Art of Marriage; Exploring Talmud; Biblical Reflections; the Messiah Mystery; Kabbalah and Your Inner World; the Secret Power of Prayer etc’.