Students & Youngsters

“A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master – gardener of his soul, the director of his life.” (James Allen)

Sometimes success is not enough. By the time they find themselves immersed in the competitive environment of academic studies, many young Jewish adults realize too late that there is more to life than studies and the battle for their material future.

STARS is a contact-group program based on Judaic studies and presented through the prism of current events and everyday life. Bi-weekly 1½-hour meetings host selected lecturers on history, current affairs, Judaism and more, at over sixty city locations. Films, parties and social games also contribute to an attractive format, and internet meetings and tele-conferencing are often used to connect between students from distant locations. STARS also organizes barbeques and other social events, to bring these youngsters together on a more concrete level; and annual seminars take place in Ukraine, Russia and Israel.

STARS targets 18 to 28 year old students, who receive stipends for participation. The program is underwritten by FJC president Lev Leviev and Brazilian philanthropist Elio Horn, and is administered with the help of the Or-Avner Foundation and the Chabad Lubavitch CIS fund.