Youth Seminars

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“Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

No other segment of society provides a greater challenge than youth. The temptations of life coupled with the tribulations of a harsh reality invest this audience with cynicism, on one hand, and a thirst to shatter boundaries, on the other. Providing Jewish youngsters with purpose and experience is therefore a test of abilities that the FJC passes each year with flying colors, no matter which parameter is used.

Youth from both within communities and without are drawn together for weekend seminars, summer seminars and seminars that take place during the winter and throughout the week. These may include lectures on the mystery of dreams, the secrets of the holy language, or marriage from a Jewish perspective. Other past topics have covered Adult Psychology, Jewish Mentality, Kabbalah for Dummies, teen education, Teachings of the Fathers and Jewish relationships. Quite often, by the time the seminars are over, the attendees themselves have commandeered  the curriculum and voluntarily proposed original ideas to strengthen their commitment towards their Jewish roots and communities. Tours of the vicinity are usually arranged in between ‘classes’ and evenings are devoted to bonfires, sing-alongs and candid discussions on any topic under the sun.

They emerge infused with a love and respect for their heritage and the depths of Jewish traditions; they find a long-lost sense of purpose and self-respect; they feel suddenly bound to their communities and to theLandofIsrael; and sometimes – in an atmosphere that stresses family values and the importance of continuity – they even find love partners for life.