“Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” (Frank Lloyd Wright)

During seventy years of Soviet rule, most Jewish places of worship were either destroyed, confiscated or neglected to the point of abandonment. Now, alongside the reconstruction of Jewish communities throughout the FSU, the Federation of Jewish Communities must also rebuild a physical infrastructure – often buildings that are being gradually reinstated by the authorities to their rightful owners.

Over 80 building projects have been undertaken by teams of architects, designers and engineers throughout Federation Communities, drawn together into the FJC’s designated construction department. Working alongside local construction firms, these projects are undertaken in the most cost effective and timely manner, with special attention paid to both the quality and integrity of each project.

The result – synagogues, community centers and refurbished homes – all rebuilt to the highest standards, infusing the reinvigorated communities with a sense of pride, unity and hope.