… filling the vacuum

In what was once home to the largest Jewish Diaspora in the world, many of Judaism’s most distinctive theological and cultural traditions developed. Jews lived in the former Soviet region as far back as the 4th century, but began to be truly prominent in the 1850s, with intellectuals and bankers, artists and professionals, scholars and leaders.

And yet, many children – and indeed their parents – lack even the slightest knowledge of their splendid Jewish legacy. The Darkeinu Jewish heritage learning program supported by the Leviev fund, seeks to resurrect the Jewish Russian heritage, providing students with information and imbuing them with the motivation to seek more.

Now, with over 18 years of educational experience, Darkeinu’s team of teachers, authors, psychologists and counselors have begun to write a new page in Jewish culture and identity.

Darkeinu produces instructional programs and attractively produced learning materials – all the product of careful years of study and experimentation, all created by pedagogical experts deeply acquainted and rooted within this community. The best artists, designers and writers, and the highest production qualities are standard; and teachers are specially trained to make the optimal use of the resulting study kits.

The interplay and distinctions of heritage, biblical and Chassidic teachings, interactive techniques and informal activities, all create a kaleidoscope that – properly utilized – cannot fail to captivate its day-school audience.

The material may be used for group, individual or independent study; it may be localized, based on the unique needs of a specific community; but all of it is carefully formulated to maintain relevance with everyday life, modern-day interpersonal relations and Jewish moral values. Topics are cyclically presented – first in their simplest form, then delved deeper into, as the years progress. In this manner, new students may join the program easily and without being penalized for a late start.

Kits cater pupils in all grades, from 1 to 11. and fulfil all the demands and requirements as specified by the FSU Ministry of Education and the Israeli Ministry of Education.