LifeChanger FSU – Overview

A profound and sweeping crisis has hit the Ukraine in recent years. War, inflation, unemployment and massive wage cuts have severely affected the ability to earn a living – poverty is rampant.

Under these harsh conditions and in the absence of social support services, distress and hardships are ignored and the weakest pay the highest price. The suffering of children in the most vulnerable levels of the population is spiraling out of control.

LifeChanger FSU is an all-encompassing intervention project that radically improves the lives of Jewish children at risk and their families across Ukraine.

Local coordinators visiting needy Jewish families on behalf of LifeChanger FSU, develop in conjunction with highly-trained Israeli psychologists, doctors, educators and mentors, a personal rehabilitation plan for every child enrolled in the program. These individualized rehabilitation plans provide the means and solutions for a wide range of horrific situations, including abuse, poverty, disabilities, neglect, sickness, dental and medical problems and much more – making permanent, long lasting, improvements in the child’s life.

LifeChanger FSU, developed by the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FSU), was launched in 2015 and has already witnessed amazing changes in the lives of its participants.

LifeChanger FSU has since expanded and is now active in 8 major cities and their environs. Over 200 children and their families have been or are currently benefiting from LifeChanger FSU’s services.


The project’s active strategy for achieving improvement includes:

  • * Medical, phycological, dental and paramedical treatment
  • * Provision of essential needs: Food, medicine, clothing, etc.
  • * Medical equipment such as glasses, wheelchairs, hearing aids, etc.
  • * School supplies including textbooks, stationary, etc.
  • * Extracurricular and/or additional studies and activities, tutoring etc.
  • * Professional guidance and therapeutic services for the child and family. 

Change a life!