Dnipro: New Rabbi Appointed to the Historic ‘Alter Shul’

The ‘Old Synagogue’ on Kotsiubynsky Street, and the ‘Dobre’ JCC of Dnipro, Ukraine, has appointed a new rabbi to serve the thriving and developing community and to enhance its activity and participants: Rabbi Adam Smilyansky.

“The history of the ‘Alter Shul’ synagogue dates back to the late 19th century,” says Rabbi Adam Smilyansky, the  synagogue’s newly appointed rabbi “and it is known to have been the only one operating in the city from the late 1920s until the return of the Golden Rose Central Synagogue to activity.”

“Despite the current situation,” Rabbi Adam explains, “the Chief Rabbi of our city and community, Shmuel Kaminetsky, decided that it is necessary to further revive the spiritual life in this historic institution for the benefit of all the Jews in our region.”

The flourishing activities of the synagogue and JCC include a network of Torah and Jewish heritage classes and lectures, prayer services, humanitarian aid projects such as the ‘Good Future’ charitable fund, social and communal programs and events, informal educational projects, and many additional aspects of Jewish life.

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