Do it by Yourself: EnerJew Makes Shabbat Accessible to FSU Youth

Following its collaboration with the international ‘Shabbat Project’, EnerJew – the FSU’s Jewish youth movement – has created an outstanding and beautifully designed guidebook in contemporary Russian, explaining exactly how every person can easily and joyfully connect to his Jewish heritage and observe Shabbat. The new guide is now available to download.

The new 20-page booklet includes detailed instructions on how to observe Shabbat and how to prepare for it. It includes Shabbat candle lighting, traditional songs, kiddush, hand washing, blessings over the challah and meal, havdalah, practical tips, how to spend Shabbat, and much more.

“Shabbat is a very sincere and family-oriented day,” explains EnerJew’s activity coordinator, “a time when the whole family gathers together for a meal, putting aside all the everyday issues and enjoying each other’s company. The new booklet helps every Jewish teenager and their family realize this special value on their own.”

“This year,” he continued to explain, “we joined the GlobalShabbat Project and our members and staff spent Shabbat on October 22-23 together with the entire Jewish world! Prior to the special weekend, we conducted our very own CHALLAH DAY and after baking them together we distributed the challahs together with grape juice and candles to our community’s elderly people. We also gave out holiday cards, and spoke to them about the meaning of Shabbat in their lives.”

Click here to download the booklet (in Russian).


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