Empowering Experience: Girls Yeshivacation Seminar Nurtures Jewish Identity and Knowledge

For over a decade, the Girls’ Yeshivacation seminar, organized by the FJC’s YAHAD youth organization, has become a beacon of Jewish learning and camaraderie. This year, the winter seminar taking place at the Chamesh Institute campus of Moscow, unfolded over eight enriching days, brimming with Jewish content and insightful lectures drawing in fifty eager young female Jewish students and professionals from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and beyond.

Rabbi Mendy Wilansky, the director of YAHAD, underscored the seminar’s significance, describing it as a rare opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in intensive study and experiences within a nurturing Jewish environment. For eight consecutive days, from dawn till dusk, attendees engaged in study sessions, Chassidic gatherings, and exploratory outings across Moscow, maximizing every moment of their time together.

Beyond the pursuit of Jewish knowledge, the seminar offered practical avenues for spiritual growth and connection to Jewish heritage. Many participants seized the chance to acquire Mezuzahs for their homes, embrace Jewish names, and commit to resolutions aimed at deepening their bond with their Jewish roots.

Each day was meticulously curated around a specific theme, fostering profound discussions on fundamental Jewish values, ideals, commandments, and traditions. Noteworthy sessions included a guided tour of a women’s Mikvah led by Mrs. Idi Koravsky and a thought-provoking lecture by Simona Misholavin on the significance of Jewish identity.

The seminar showcased distinguished speakers, including Rabbi David Feldman and Rabbi Abba David from Israel, alongside revered local figures like Rabbi Moshe Rochlin and Rabbi Israel Felsherov, who illuminated the participants with their teachings.

“We would be very happy to continue listening to lectures online from the participating rabbis and lecturers.” Many of the girls participating testified, “Our feeling is that this can’t sum up to a one-time event and has to continue.”

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