EnerJew – FJC’s vibrant Jewish Youth Movement – moves online!

The outbreak of the Corona epidemic has forced EnerJew, FJC’s vibrant Jewish Youth Movement in the FSU, to temporarily move all its varied activities online. However, the youth movement’s directors have decided to make this bitter lemon into sweet lemonade and are introducing its members to a fascinating and wide range of online activities often unavailable in usual times.  

EnerJew, a rapidly growing initiative established in 2014, is currently active within 56 cities, with over 3,000 members across 8 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. 

Throughout the year, EnerJew holds weekly club meetings, a variety of events, volunteer work, seminars and shabbatons, lectures, trips and special activities. It strives to motivate its members to innovate and act within their local Jewish communities and take an active part in designing the Jewish future across the FSU.

At this difficult time, EnerJew’s seeks to maintain its close and intimate relationship with the thousands of its members, despite the restrictions that prevent conducting meetings and activities. This is also due to the great importance teenagers see in social relationships and their unique dynamics, and the importance of continuing their personal growth and process of acquaintance and connection to their Jewish roots and Judaism.     

In order to achieve this goal, EnerJew has temporarily switched all its activity to online and postponed events, seminars and shabbatons. 

The new EnerJew Online platform includes online club meetings with classes and activities adapted to online communication. It includes webinars and courses in which members can gain skills in leading fields such as blogging, arts, IT, site building, professional music, contemporary Hebrew and much more from successful professionals. There are also short inspiring lectures and classes on Jewish topics; a joint MineCraft game for all the members building together a world according to Jewish values; online volunteering, helping peers with studies; positive social media challenges, and much more.

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