EnerJew School of Madrichim Opens New Exciting Season

FSU’s Jewish Youth Movement, EnerJew, continues its powerful mission to create and design the next generation of Jewish leaders across the Former Soviet Union and launches yet another season of its legendary ‘School of Madrichim’ seminar, this time in Moscow’s center of Jewish life.

More than forty carefully selected Jewish teenagers from Belarus, Russia, and Azerbaijan, participated in the opening four-day seminar for future counselors and leaders that took place in a vacation resort in Moscow.

Most of the 14- and 15-year-old teenage boys and girls have already begun serving as counselors in EnerJew – alongside other more experienced counselors –  and are designated to serve as counselors in a wide variety of informal Jewish educational frameworks such as youth clubs and summer camps.

“The ‘School of Madrichim’ aims to raise the leaders of the next generation,” says its director, Rabbi Moshe Rochlin of Moscow “by carefully selecting the most devoted and caring teenagers from across FSU’s Jewish communities.”

“The school holds three four- to five-day seminars each year, each including intensive training sessions in a wide range of leadership skills such as rhetoric, management, and group dynamics, as well as Jewish studies. The seminars motivate the teenagers to get involved and invest in the future of the Jewish communities.”

An additional series of seminars, for teenagers from the Baltic States, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and additional countries, will be conducted by the ‘School of Madrichim’ later on during the upcoming winter.

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