EnerJew Takes Part in Global Shabbat Project

Thousands of EnerJew teenage members in the FSU will participate in a global initiative this weekend that will connect them to Jewish communities worldwide. 

The Shabbat Project is a grassroots movement that unites Jews internationally for an annual authentic Shabbat experience, and this year EnerJew is joining in with unique events, local atmosphere and genuine excitement.

“We are excited to connect with the Shabbat Project. Educating youth about the traditions and importance of Shabbat is something we do in our clubs and seminars continuously throughout the year, but connecting on this point to a global network and really bringing in the magic of a shared worldwide Jewish experience is,” said Konstantin Shulman, EnerJew director.

EnerJew, FJC’s Jewish youth movement, unites cubs in over 50 cities of the former Soviet Union, it is the largest Jewish teen organization in the region. It promotes Jewish activism, identity awareness, and leadership. 

Under the framework of the Shabbat Project, EnerJew is inviting its club members to develop local events and initiatives, such as pre-Shabbat challah bakes, community activities for all ages or visiting the local rabbi’s home for a Shabbat meal. The movement also posted instructions for a “DIY Shabbat” on its website. 

“Last year Jews from 101 countries and 1,511 cities came together for the Shabbat Project’s experience and we are thrilled that Jewish teens from the FSU are also a vital part of this initiative –  thanks to EnerJew they are a vibrant part of the global Jewish community,” said Mr. Daniel Gordon FJC’s coordinator. 

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