EnerJew Welcomes Estonia’s Youth

EnerJew – the FSU’s Jewish youth movement, officially opened in Tallinn, Estonia this week, making it sixth Russian speaking FSU country to join the active EnerJew family. The opening marks an important step in the development of Tallinn’s Jewish community.

“EnerJew Tallinn brings a special force of energy to our small community. Estonia is part of Europe, and our young people have many options for spending their free time, getting their fun and education elsewhere, not in a Jewish framework. Through EnerJew they connect to one another, and they also connect to a huge movement, to thousands of young people in EnerJew, to this special Jewish energy that connects them to their roots and heritage, but also looks to the future. This is what ensures the future of our Jewish community here,” said Rabbi Shmuel Kot, Tallinn’s chief rabbi.

The opening, which was themed “life-hack mega quest”, drew in an enthusiastic group of local teenagers, eager to join the program. “We know that young people like quests, they like finding original solutions to difficult situations and we thought it actually corresponds well to the history of Jewish people, whose entire journey is a sort of a life-hack,” said Chaya Smorgun, the new club’s coordinator. “The opening went great, the group was very enthusiastic – we completed the activity, blew birthday cake candles and set to meet next week same time to continue,” she said.

The next club activity will be focused on Jewish fashion and style, with hopes set high on going strong and growing rapidly.


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