EnerJew’s Scope of Online Activities Continues to Grow, to Meet 21st Century Challenges

As an organization primarily aimed at Jewish teenagers, EnerJew’s staff has always understood the importance of maintaining a robust presence in cyberspace due to the obvious truism that for modern youths especially, the internet serves as the primary medium of communication, as well as a public forum for the discussion and dissemination of ideas. Within recent times, the organization has passed several exciting milestones in expanding its digital footprint, such as the creation of an EnerJew Minecraft game — an entire digital Minecraft world, built just for EnerJew’s members to inhabit!

Recently, EnerJew passed yet another milestone in expanding its online presence by launching its very own electronic platform — EnerJew.online —intended to serve as the main focal point for the organization’s internet-based activities. This development couldn’t have come at a better moment as the current world-wide epidemiological situation caused by the COVID19 virus, forced EnerJew to conduct the bulk of their activities via the internet.

While the platform was not scheduled to be released right at the moment the pandemic struck, thanks to EnerJew’s dedicated staff, it’s release was dramatically moved ahead in order to have it ready and operational for the mounting challenges presented by the rapid spread of COVID19.

The fact that the EnerJew.online platform was available at that point, made it possible for EnerJew to efficiently maintain contact with all their members and activists, as well as to continue to organize and host events in a virtual format, that otherwise would be made impossible by the pandemic.

EnerJew’s Minsk-based Director, Mr. Konstantin Shulman, underscored this point by commenting during a recent phone conversation; “All the effort we put into developing this platform really paid off! We were able to launch it even earlier than planned — right when the health crisis started — and thus right away were able to use it to manage our activities more efficiently.”

Mr. Shulman went on to explain that the platform is in actuality a dual-function platform—divided into the “Club Activity Platform” and the “Collaborative Projects Platform”. Both of these platform functionalities have been incredibly useful in dealing with the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The first one, as mentioned above, made it possible for EnerJew to continue to hold club meetings and other such events, for project participants across no less than 54 towns and cities, by conducting them virtually via the platform.

The second feature proved incredibly helpful in organizing EnerJew’s efforts to help vulnerable community members weather the pandemic. As an organization that places a large emphasis on philanthropic activity, EnerJew naturally saw with the outbreak of the COVI19 pandemic, as an opportunity to put this principle into action. It is the “Club Activity” feature of the platform that made it possible for EnerJew’s activists to manage the organizational, communicational, and logistical needs of their relief efforts, so effectively.

Thus, being able to take full advantage of the benefits provided by modern IT technology, EnerJew stands confident in its ability to face the growing challenges of the 21st century.

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