Estonian President visits Tallinn Jewish Community

On the seventh light of Chanukah, Mr. Alar Karis, the President of Estonia, along with the Israeli Ambassador Ms. Hagit Ben-Yaakov, made a formal visit to the Jewish Community and Grand Synagogue in the capital city of Tallinn and participated in the public Menorah lighting attended by hundreds.

In a Facebook post, the President described his special experience:

“Today I visited the Estonian Jewish Community,” he wrote, “and lit a candle for the Chanukah Festival together with the congregation and community representatives. This fire symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and the courage to stand firm in your faith. Light brings clarity and hope in even the darkest of times, just like education and knowledge. Light is always more beneficial than darkness.”

“Our Jewish community is one of the most active in Estonia,” the President wrote in conclusion. “We talked with the representatives about how one of our most active communities operates. I also visited the Estonian Jewish Museum to see an inspiring exhibition. It is always worth visiting museums to become wiser. Thank you!”

The president and his delegation were welcomed by the community’s leaders and Chief Rabbi, who thanked the President for his friendly visit and ongoing support throughout the year.

Photos by: The Alar Karis Facebook page.


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