Exciting Knowledge Quiz and Art Exhibition Empower Moscow’s Jewish Women

More than one hundred Jewish women of all ages participated in a thrilling event combining a fascinating Judaism knowledge quiz and an exhibition of original artworks, focused on the topic of the Jewish belief in peace and prosperity during the future era of redemption.

The special event was preceded by an in-depth learning program, in which the participants studied the different sources and aspects of Jewish teaching about the fundamental belief in the upcoming redemption and revelation of Moshiach, the end of exile, and the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

In addition, over 30 women created works of art depicting scenes and concepts from the studied materials that were displayed at the quiz event. The diverse artworks ranged from poems and websites to tambourines and paintings. One group of participants from a Jewish dormitory showed a video with pictures of themselves observing commandments; when zoomed out, these pictures formed the Temple.

Mrs. Rivky Wilansky, a Jewish activist in Moscow, initiated and organized this quiz for women using a curriculum produced by JLI translated into Russian.

“Of all the events and programs and classes we have had over the past ten years,” Mrs. Wilansky said, “there’s never been this amount of positive feedback and gratitude. The quiz participants took on the challenge with vigor, with 18 live classes, multiple zoom sessions, and many women investing many hours to master the material.”

Concluding the event, one participant was inspired to write a poem and then turn it into a video; it was not for the contest, “just from the heart.”

The event was sponsored by R’ Yehuda & Elina Davidov from Fund 770.

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