‘For Life’ Provides Vital Humanitarian Aid to Needy Jewish Families in Russia and Belarus

The Federation of Jewish Communities (FJC)’s ‘For Life’ project is currently distributing essential aid to tens of thousands of Jewish families across Russia and Belarus. Operating throughout the year, ‘For Life’ provides critical support through bi-monthly distributions of food packages and food certificates. This current campaign began in February and will continue until early March 2024, reaching families in hundreds of cities and remote villages.

The local Rabbi and Jewish community in each region determines the specific distribution dates, tailoring the project to the unique needs and action plans of each community.

Beyond offering immediate assistance, ‘For Life’ strives to foster deeper connections within Jewish communities. By reaching out to families, the project encourages participation in Jewish educational, cultural, and religious programs offered locally.

With a focus on supporting children, ‘For Life’ distributions are often accompanied by special events and gatherings for children, creating a warm and welcoming environment for families in need.

The FJC’s ‘For Life’ project serves as a vital lifeline for countless Jewish families, ensuring access to essential resources while strengthening the bonds within Jewish communities across Russia and Belarus.

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