From Dnipro to Rivne: Unity Torah on its Way

In a momentous event symbolizing the unity of Jewish communities across Ukraine, a Torah scroll completion ceremony was held in the conference hall on the 18th floor of the renowned Menora Center in Dnipro. This Torah was granted as a gift to the “Alte Kloiz” synagogue and the community of Rivne.

Rabbi Shmuel Kaminezki, the spiritual leader of Dnipro and the surrounding region, presided over the ceremony along with Rivne’s Chief Rabbi Shneur Shneerson. Rabbi Kaminezki noted, “This Torah scroll is the first in the Rivne community, making it a significant contribution to their heritage.” He emphasized the importance of providing a Torah, generously donated by Mr. Menachem Mendel and Irina Avramka, to a community that previously did not possess one.

The special embroidered Torah cover stated, “This Torah scroll is dedicated to the Jewish community of Rivne by the Jewish community of Dnipro in the merit of the child Maor Shimon, son of Yochai ben Adi, for a speedy recovery.”

During the ceremony, rabbis and esteemed guests, including Rivne’s Rabbi Shneur Shneerson, were invited to inscribe a letter into the Torah. Rabbi Reuven Margolin, the Chief Sofer of the National Center of Scribing in Ukraine, provided assistance.

Following the completion of the Torah, it was adorned with a beautifully embroidered cover and a crown. In accordance with tradition, the Torah scroll was raised and carried beneath a wedding canopy into the “Golden Rose” synagogue, where traditional ‘Hakafot’ took place.

After the event concluded, Rabbi Shneerson led the Torah scroll to Rivne, where it will be inaugurated in a festive event at the “Alte Kloiz” synagogue.

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