FSU Jewry Celebrates Shavuot in Style

Hundreds of Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union region participated in celebrating the holiday of Shavuot last week. Shavuot, which celebrates the giving of the Torah, is a holiday of many beloved customs that include all-night learning, flower decorations and milk delicacies, and these customs came in full play in community celebrations.

Even before the holiday community youth clubs, EnerJew groups and family activity centers in eight FSU countries hosted workshops on bouquet preparations as well as assorted culinary classes for preparing a variety of holiday treats from cheese-cakes and desserts to home-made pizzas and lasagnes.

Synagogues and community centers in large cities and small towns alike hosted holiday meals, welcoming everyone. Those families or individuals who could not leave their home due to health disabilities or other needs received assistance to be able to also celebrate the holiday properly.
As for holiday learning, some of the best lecturers, rabbis and educators came to Jewish community centers to conduct learning programs that had something for every age group and level of knowledge.

Ahead of the holiday FJC’s Darkeinu educational platform also ran a drawing contest the winners of which were determined after the holiday – children of all ages were asked to create a Shavuot-inspired drawing, which were judged on their ideas as well as creative capabilities. The winner, yet to be determined will receive valuable prizes such as scooters, gadgets and more. The contest, which finished today, received hundreds of entries across the region, from Baku, Azerbaijan to Odessa, Ukraine and Birobidjan, Russian Far-East.


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