FSU students excel at Tanach Quiz

The annual Hidon haTanach, a worldwide teenage competition on knowledge of the scripture, took place in Israel on its Independence Day, last Thursday. 16 youngsters from 9 countries participated in the final round, one of them Atara Kelman, a student from Belarus.

Prior to the final round, 70 students from Diaspora Jewry arrived to Jerusalem, having completed and won many preliminary rounds in their home countries. Among them Shaina Zuyeva, student at Odessa University and graduate of FJC’s Or Avner school. Shaina participated in the final Diaspora competition round, answering many questions and making it first time a Ukrainian student reached the final levels of the annual Tanach quiz.

The final was attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the minister of education Naftali Bennet, who congratulated the participants on their achievement.




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