Getting the basics down- Easy Jewish Learning Series Launched

Over the past year, a new and unique Jewish learning book and video series was launched by the FJC and LeDorot Publishing. ”Yahaduton” is aimed at teaching basic Jewish concepts such as prayer, kosher laws, Shabbat, business ethics and how to treat your fellow man. 

The first four books have been a huge success, enabling Jews across the FSU to gain easy and understandable access to basic Jewish tenets.  The fifth book in the 12-part series will be available later this year.  The series, which has been translated into six languages from the original Hebrew, is accompanied by 40 online videos on the same subjects.

“So far, we have printed 10,000 copies of the four existing books. They are changing the way Jewish law is viewed and practiced”, said Rabbi Shmuel Bistritzky, Head of the project.

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