Girl’s Camp Dream Comes True

As a camper, Liora’s dream was to return to Camp Gan Israel of Rostov, Russia, as a counselor. This year, that dream was fulfilled – and she was thrilled when she found out who the activities director was.

Some kids just live for camp. All year long they talk about it, they relive it, and they can’t wait for it to start again.

FJC’s Camp ‘Gan Israel’ of Rostov in Russia is filled to capacity with these camp-loving kids. From their very first experience at camp they already have one goal in mind: to one day become counselors.

This year that dream came true for a lot of them. Of the 17 staff members, the majority of counselors were former campers. According to camp director Kaila Danzinger, “this year’s counselors were not just ordinary counselors. They were some of the most dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving, and eager counselors our camp has ever seen. Girls who gained so much Yiddishkeit from camp as campers and in turn were eager to transmit their knowledge and passion to the next generation of campers.”

One such counselor, Liora, came back as a repeat counselor for the 5th consecutive year, and was delighted to see that many of her campers from previous years were her very own co-counselors! And even more so, her beloved counselor from when she was a little girl returned to camp this year to work as activity director!

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if not for CGI Rostov,” Liora posted on her Instagram account along with the camp video.

The Rostov Camp Gan Israel family really changes lives. For generations.

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