GoFundMe Campaign Success – New Kindergarten to be Ready Sept 1

Last month the FJC launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $28,500 to expand the Or Avner kindergarten in Zhitomir, Ukraine.  The expansion is necessary to provide proper schooling for the influx of Ukrainian refugees the city has seen due to the civil war.

Since starting the campaign 85 individuals have donated $23,000 falling just $5,500 short of the intended goal.  The ground breaking of the expansion took place on X and the new classrooms are expected to be ready in time for  the new school year in September.

In their new school, students will benefit from a well-rounded curriculum of Jewish education and secular studies, as well as speech and mental health therapies. They will receive full dental health care and three hot meals every day. Children who have families to return to will receive food packages to bring home each month. The expansion allows for the FJC to continue to serve the local Jewish community to the highest standard and with the utmost care.

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