High Holiday Campaign Combats Children Hunger and Neglect

Ahead of the High Holidays, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the FSU is running a critical fundraising campaign aimed to provide lifesaving humanitarian relief for the Jewish children across the former Sovie Union. 

Campaign organizers hope to raise funds to buy food, clothing and basic necessities for thousands of children from disadvantaged families living below the poverty line.
“I was devastated to meet so many tragically impoverished families in the region. These children are deprived of so many basic needs: nutritious food served daily; clothing suitable for the freezing weather; hygiene products like shampoo and toilet paper and much, much more,” said Mr. Daniel Gordon, FJC coordinator, who recently made a trip to Ukraine to meet many of the families in person. 

“These beautiful souls, our brethren, deserve our love. It’s up to us to ensure that they receive healthy food, sufficient clothing and that their basic needs are met daily, not just once in a while,” he said following the visit. 

According to the statistics, thousands of needy Jewish children in the FSU suffer from malnutrition and neglect. To combat this, FJC provides humanitarian relief in over 150 cities and towns across the region, where certificates for food and clothing are distributed among the needy. However, the organization can not do it alone. “We need your help to give these families hope for a better future in the coming year,” Mr. Gordon said.

For more details about the campaign and to donate please click here.


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