Inspiring: Emergency Medical Hotline Saves Thousands across Ukraine

A 24-hours-a-day hotline, set up by the FJC’s LifeChanger project, is providing thousands of Jews and citizens across Ukraine with vital medicine and medical supplies. These enable them to survive throughout the current crisis despite the difficult shortages experienced across the country.

Since the beginning of the crisis, in parallel to the lifesaving efforts to evacuate thousands from danger within the country and to safe locations abroad, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FSU) has actively provided hundreds of thousands – including children, families, and elderly people – with varied emergency humanitarian aid through its LifeChanger initiative active across Ukraine.

This assistance includes food supplies, hot nutritious meals delivered to homes and shelters, basic essentials and hygiene products, first-aid emergency kits, and a wide range of psychological, social, and communal initiatives.

An additional initiative, active throughout the last few weeks but now opening a 24-hours-a-day hotline, is providing scarce and now very-hard-to-find medicine and medical supplies to thousands of Jews and Ukrainian citizens, from all walks of life and of all ages, in both central cities and remote villages.

Due to the ongoing crisis, even the most widespread and ‘popular’ medicines have become unavailable, forcing hundreds of thousands of patients into life-threatening conditions. The hotline makes sure each person can receive the individual assistance they require, and also provides medical consultations by trained volunteers and staff, as well as leading doctors and physicians.

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