Inspiring Growth and Prosperity: New Year of Trees Celebrated Across the FSU

A wide variety of events and ceremonies, all in honor of the Jewish festival of Tu BiShvat, known as the ‘New Year of Trees’, took place in hundreds of Jewish communities and educational institutions and projects throughout the former Soviet Union. Thousands participated.

Young and old participated this week in special events in honor of the Talmudic festival that inspires and encourages each person to grow further and prosper, and make good use of the unique qualities and talents within him.

The events were attended by kindergarten children, residents of old-age homes, students at FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ network of elementary and high schools, members of the EnerJew youth movement, college and university students and young adults attending the YAHAD and STARS programming, members of the women’s clubs, pupils at the Sunday and Afternoon informal school networks JFuture and SmartJ, children of FJC’s Children’s homes and orphanages, and members of the Jewish communities in more than 11 countries. All of the participants enjoyed special and joyful events, tailored for them, to celebrate the special occasion.

The events included hands-on arts and crafts sessions with fresh and dry fruits, plays and festive ceremonies, classes and lectures about agriculture, the Seven Species and the land of Israel, social games, musical entertainment, and much more.

“I felt a stronger sense of connection to my Jewish roots,” a young Jewish teenager from Minsk testified. “I learned about the special connection between us, the humans and the trees, and how important it is for both of us to be deeply connected to our roots as a source of inspiration and growth. Tu Bishvat is truly a glorious festival.”

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