Israel Minister of Tourism Visits Jewish Azerbaijan

Last week, Mr. Yoel Razvozov, an Israeli judoka and politician currently serving as the country’s Minister of Tourism, paid a formal visit to the ‘Or Avner’ Jewish educational campus in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. He was warmly welcomed by the students and the city’s Chief Rabbi, Shneur Segal.

Accompanied by a diplomatic delegation, the Minister was welcomed by the institution’s 200 Jewish students who were excited to meet the Israeli representative that came in person to visit them on the eve of Passover, the Festival of Freedom.

The Tourism Minister was treated to a tour of the impressive compound and was delighted to witness the high level of Jewish and general studies achieved by the students. Afterwards, he participated in a hands-on matzah baking session with the children, and prepared his very own mini-matzah.

Concluding the visit, the city’s Rabbi and CEO of the educational compound, Rabbi Shneor Segal, praised the Azarbeijian leadership for their care and devotion towards the country’s Jewish population and the Israeli government for investing in the Jews of the diaspora, in general, and Azerbaijan, in particular.

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