Israeli Delegation Visits Zhytomir Jewish Community

A delegation of Israeli Embassy in Ukraine, headed by ambassador Elyav Belotzerkovsky visited the city of Zhytomir last week. After a meeting with city officials, the delegation proceeded to tour Zhitomyr’s Jewish institutions. The ambassador went to the city synagogue for an informal meeting and discussion with community members. Afterwards, the delegation visited the FJC’s ‘Or Avner’ Jewish school, where they toured the classrooms and spoke with staff, and then went to the FJC’s ‘Alumim’ Children’s home, which services all of Western Ukraine, where they met with the children and the center’s management.

FJC’s Zhytomir Jewish community is one of the largest ones in the region, and as such it was important to receive the attention and support of the Israeli delegation, chief city rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm said. “The ambassador visited all our community institution and gave his full support for our activities, which always helps in lobbying interests further down the road. Besides that, visits like these help increase the security and unity of the community,” he said.

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