Israeli Knesset: Ukraine Rescue Organizations Hold an Emergency Meeting at the Diaspora Ministry

Representatives of JRNU –  FJC and Chabad’s rescue and humanitarian efforts center in Ukraine – led by Rabbi Shlomo Peles,  participated this Monday in a special meeting in the Diaspora Ministry, headed by Mr. Amichai Chikli, with the participation of Israeli ministers, senior government members, Knesset members, ambassadors, and activists along with representatives of the rabbis of the Jewish communities in Ukraine.

On the anniversary of the crisis in Ukraine this week, the Ministry of Diaspora in the Israeli government held a conference on the state of the Jewish communities and the global fight against anti-Semitism.

The meeting was attended by senior members of the government, members of the Knesset, ambassadors, representatives of the rabbis of the Jewish communities in Ukraine, and representatives of JRNU – the rescue center of FJC and Chabad in Ukraine.

During the event, the activities of the various organizations operating in Ukraine were presented. Special emphasis was given to JRNU’s activity which, since the situation broke out, has been operating on a huge scale – from the rescue of thousands of Jews to the establishment and restoration of the Jewish communities all over Ukraine.

The rabbis of the communities were represented by the rabbi of Dnipro – Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky, the Rabbi of Zhytomyr Shlomo Wilhelm, Mrs. Chaya Wolf of Odesa, Rabbi Shlomo Peles who stands at the forefront of JRNU, and additional rabbis.

“Chabad’s emissaries and the rabbis of Ukraine, reach out to every Jew without a framework of a budget or statistics. They take care of their needs, both physically and spiritually. We look at each person as an individual,” said Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky and added: “Ukrainian Jews are not ‘poor’ Jews. They are Jews who are proud of their heritage, nation, and land.”

“Despite all the challenges, the synagogue was not closed for even one day” Mrs. Chaya Wolf of Odessa explained. “The school was not closed either; kids come to school daily in comfortable transportation, enjoy organized studies, hot and satisfying meals, and of course, during the alarms go down to bright, clean and warm shelters. When the power goes out, the generator automatically turns on. The children don’t even feel the difference… However, those who drive home in the evening and arrive at a cold and dark house, and have to keep their coat on even when they go to bed.”

As part of the meeting plan, ways to continue assistance in the immediate and long term will be examined.

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