Israeli Officials Tour Aid Center for Ukrainian Jews

The Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs’ team conducted a tour of the FJC and Chabad’s Jewish Relief Network Ukraine (JRNU) aid center in Kyiv.

The center provides tons of humanitarian aid, food, and medicine to the country’s Jewish community since the outbreak of the crisis. The dedicated rabbis have been working tirelessly, ensuring that assistance reaches the Jewish population in need.

During the visit to the vast center in Kyiv, Ministry Director-General Avi Cohen-Scali and his team were accompanied by Chabad’s Rabbi Shlomo Peles, Rabbi Chaim Friedman, Rabbi Simcha Levenhartz, and Rabbi Yehoshua Wishedski of the Vaad Kashrus certification in Ukraine.

They presented Cohen-Scali with data and numbers detailing the impressive scope of the aid operation, which has been ongoing with unwavering dedication since the situation began.

The Director-General, who has been actively involved in the activities of Chabad in Ukraine, was moved to see the center up close, where aid packages are assembled and then directly dispatched to the rabbis and emissaries, reaching thousands of Jewish individuals across the country.

In addition to the regular aid shipments throughout the year, the logistics center experiences a significant boost before Jewish holidays and special occasions, supporting not only survival during challenging times of crisis but also fostering widespread Jewish communal activities, such as shared festive meals.

During the visit, the Ministry team was also briefed on the extensive preparations for the upcoming High Holidays, as well as the anticipated harsh Ukrainian winter.

The visit to the aid center was a highlight of the official delegation’s trip to Ukraine, providing a glimpse into the profound impact of Chabad’s humanitarian efforts, shouldering the responsibility of Jewish life and survival during these challenging days.

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