It’s Never Too Late: Jewish Student Retreat Comes to Dnipro

STARS Ukraine continues to unite Jewish students and young professionals across the country and grant them unique opportunities to become further acquainted with their heritage in an intriguing and experiential manner.

The seminar retreat, which took place in the famous Menorah Jewish Community Center of Dnipro in central Ukraine and in collaboration with the local community headed by Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky, was attended by more than forty students and youngsters from several communities across the country.

“Ever since the conflict broke out,” explains Rabbi Pinchas Wishedski, CEO of STARS Ukraine, “we are investing more efforts than ever to preserve the students’ connection to Judaism, empower them, and assist them in every way.”

“This weekend’s seminar” he continues, “which took place in honor of Pesach Sheni, under the title ‘It’s Never Too Late’ is another shining example of an activity whose importance cannot be described in words at such a tense time. We thank our partners at the STARS world organization headed by Rabbi Avi Kessel, the JRNU headed by Rabbi Shlomo Peles, and the umbrella YAHAD organization headed by Rabbi Mendy Wilansky and operating under the Federation of Jewish Communities (FJC) for all their support and encouragement.”

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