JewGlue: New Leadership Project Launched for Ukraine’s Jewish Youth

Last month STARS Ukraine launched a new project aimed at fostering local leadership among Jewish youth in the country’s communities. Fittingly called “JewGlue” the project has already hosted two seminars since its launch for a group of over 20 students from 11 cities. 

“Jew Glue is a series of informal education and leadership training for Jewish students, who see themselves developing in this direction. Most of them already help in their local STARS clubs, and we have plans to further develop leadership opportunities for them,” said Zalman Bokarev, STARS Ukraine director. “After they come back home they get to practice and apply their new skills on the spot at their work with the local youth.”

The first seminar took place in Kiev, and the second in Zarechany, both spanning four days of intensive lectures and training. The project is set to further expand come September when STARS Ukraine will open for the new season. 

“Young leaders from all over the country will take an active part in motivating and uniting Jewish youth in their cities. Therefore, they start their education by learning the basics of informal education. Upon return, the participants already have a project about ‘Shabbat for all’, which they are developing,” said the project description on their site.


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