Jewish Date for Victory over Nazi Germany Marked in Russia

Last week the Jewish communities of Russia commemorated Victory Day that marked the victory of allied armies over Nazi Germany in 1945. The Jewish date of the historic event – the 26th of Iyar – was installed as a day of celebration, gratitude and commemoration at the initiative of Mr. German Zakharyaev, the head of Gorsky Jews foundation and a FJC partner, a few years ago.

“This day gives us yet another opportunity to be grateful for our salvation from the Nazis. To be grateful to G-d and to the allied armies that fought in the war,” said Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia, speaking at the day’s commemoration ceremony in the JCC of Moscow. Gratitude and recognition are important qualities that have marked Jewish people throughout the ages, he said.

“Throughout history, we have been persecuted on the basis of our faith and heritage. Marking this day helps us make sure that the horrors of the Holocaust will never be repeated,” Mr. Zakharyaev said. 

Ceremony attendees watched a special film production and prayed for the victims and the fallen soldiers and lit memorial candles.

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