Jewish Education ‘a Powerful Voice’ in the FSU

Jewish tradition teachers from over 40 schools in the FSU attended two educational seminars organized by FJC’s ‘Darkeinu’ Jewish studies curriculum and ‘Or Avner’ educational network in Dnieper, Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia. Both seminars took place at campuses of Jewish higher education Institutes – Beit Chana in Ukraine and Machon Chamesh in Moscow.

The teachers discussed current pedagogical issues, exchanged tips and ideas, listened to lectures by Darkeinu mentors, psychologists and educators and made “field” visits to city Or Avner Jewish schools that welcomed them for open lessons.

“This was a very ‘hands-on’ seminar. All the information we received can and will be applied directly in our everyday work, a lot of interesting ideas and methodic that will go straight to our students – a rare and valuable event,” said Mrs. Ira Krieger, Jewish heritage teacher from Dnieper.

A large part of the seminars’ attractiveness was also the opportunity to meet other Jewish studies teachers from different regions, connect personally and professionally. The program was supplemented by cultural events that let the teachers connect in an informal setting.

“Our teachers have a lot to share with their colleagues, and the seminars gave them the platform to do so, which is very important,” said Dr. Iona Shneider, one of Darkeinu’s mentors. He said the seminars took place at a milestone point when all Jewish schools in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and some other regions have adopted the Darkeinu curriculum and it is becoming a powerful voice of Jewish education in the region.

The seminars are part of Darkeinu’s year-round efforts to provide continuous professional support and qualification to Jewish heritage and tradition teachers throughout the FSU.



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