Jewish FSU Commemorates International Holocaust Memorial Day

Hundreds of Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union commemorated, in a touching and emotional series of events, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, also known as the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, that takes place annually on 27 January.

Whether in large cities, small towns, or remote villages, thousands of Jews of all ages and walks of life, participated in hundreds of communal memorial events in memory of the six million Jews brutally murdered during the horrific Holocaust.

Many of the memorial ceremonies took place at historic sites across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other FSU countries. The sites are connected to the events of the Holocaust and the Second World War, such as mass graves, memorial monuments, historic synagogues, and Holocaust museums.

The events included reciting traditional mourning prayers such as Kaddish, Yizkor, and Kel Malei. In addition, speeches about the importance of remembering the victims, fighting antisemitism, and making sure such a tragedy will never occur again, were delivered by dignitaries and rabbis.

In dozens of FJC’s Jewish educational institutions, events also included plays and social activities promoting tolerance and Jewish pride and identity along with exhibits and other informal educational activities ensuring that the memory of the Holocaust passes to future generations.

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